Fancy Pancy Late.

Those knowing my by heart also know that I have the very bad habit of letting people wait. Not because I am some mean bad ass, more because my time management could be pimped a tiny little bit. Since the little one is here I can at least be like ' Well, you know I had to change her diapers twice, her shirt three times and then we forgot one of her (most) important toys…'
It's not like I would actually blame Smilla, she can just be a very useful excuse every once in a while.
Me not posting and uploading stuff for 4 weeks now isn't due to Smilla. And neither is it due to my time management. It's due to me being a pain in the ass to myself some times. Meaning: I left the MacBook cable somewhere where it mysteriously got broken (?!), then I left my beloved Camera on the wardrobe when I simply realized Smilla reached a certain high that make her reach certain things that she should NOT get into her tiny, clumsy (very cute) hands. And then there was the camera… broken. Good lord as if this wasn't enough we finally moved to our new house (huuuraaaaiiiii) which was very likely to not have internet. So me not having a laptop to upload posts, neither being able to shoot looks since there was no camera and then the internet house situation should hopefully be enough of an excuse for my absence the last weeks. I am back on track. Big promise. Nothing more to that.

Enough of the good or more the less bad excuses. More to my Look: I am madly in love with vintage designer bags like my MCM I bought while Fashion Week 2014 in Berlin. The very tight dress with turtle neck is not just warm and comfy but also quite boddyhugging which make men actually like turtle neck pieces. And since I finally reached the state feeling comfortable with (very) tight dresses I thought this one is one hell of a deal. Paired with a big Poncho in fall colors and corded heels, ready that look is. Without any excuses. Have a great weekend my loves.

Dress by H&M - similar here 
Bag by MCM - get here
Heels by Zara - similar here 
Poncho by TallyWeijl - similar here
Glasses - Vintage by Pucci
Pictures by Peter Häfele Team BW



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