Stripes for Fashion. Stripes for Style.

Thanks to the styles first seen at Prada, striped clothes are very popular at the moment.
It doesn't really matter if it's pants, espadrilles or a hat - everything is striped.
Striped Pants - get here can be quite a fashion statement - combining them with a classy Black Blazer - get here, fancy black shoes - get here and a rose blouse they are perfect for daytime. Switch the blouse to a fancy top and exchange the shoes to some breathtaking heels and your striped pants are ready for a glam night out, too.
Since striped pants enhance the appearance of height and can be oh so very convertible they seem like one of the must-have's at the moment. As Coco Chanel once said.. Fashion changes but Style endures.. I say enjoy discovering your very own style with all the sweet ingredients fashion provides for us...
                                 xox S.
Shoes / Zara, Pants / HennesundMauritz, Ring / Forrest and Bob,
Blouse / Schumacher, Hat / Forever21, Sunnies / ASOS, Nails / O.P.I. Suzi and the Lifeguard

Lets talk fashion
In case you are not too much into striped pants, what about some striped shoes- get here or a striped blazer - get here combined with some classy black pants? 




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